Authorised Rep Agreement

The Authorized Representative of the Company warrants to the Licensee that with respect to all personal data that the Authorized Representative of the Company discloses to the Licensee under this Agreement, the notification of the appointment shall indicate whether the Authorized Representative may appoint other authorized representatives under your License. If you do not tell us, we will not accept any notification from them regarding under-authorization. Licensee agrees to the appointment of the subauthorized representative who provides financial services on behalf of Licensee in accordance with Section 916B of the Act. (a) The authorized representative of the company shall ensure that he or she provides all financial services under this Agreement as the authorized representative of the Licensee and not as the principal. (a) maintain and maintain at all times customer records, customer records and related business documents (including accounts, bank statements and any other relevant customer documents) for authorized services provided by a subauthorized representative under this Agreement in respect of customers; The remuneration of the sub-plenipotentiary for the purposes of clause 4 of the agreement on the authorised representative of the undertaking is laid down in point 6 of Annex 1. (b) Notwithstanding all other provisions of this Agreement, the authorized representative of the Company may not provide any financial services to a customer under this Agreement until such time as the customer is subsequently subject to the laws of the State of Victoria and the parties agree to submit to that jurisdiction. .