Child Custody Agreements In Michigan

People often think of custody when it comes to “legal” and “physical” custody. Legal custody means having the right to make important decisions about your children, for example. B where they go to school, what religion they have and important medical decisions. Physical custody concerns the living conditions of children. factor (k): domestic violence, whether the violence is directed against the child or has been observed by a child; Factor (h): the threat or actual incarceration of the child with the intention of keeping or hiding the child from the other parent or a third person who has custody of the child. The temporary stay of a custodial parent with the child in a domestic violence dwelling shall not be construed as proof of the intention of the parent entitled to keep the child or to hide the child from the other parent; Do not take care of the child and meet the needs of the child To learn more about family allowances, read Child Support in a Nutshell. To learn more about the role of the Friend of the Court, see Friend of the Court Overview. Physical custody means who the child lives with. The court can grant shared custody, which means that the child lives with any parent. Or the court may grant sole physical custody, which means that the child lives with only one parent. Normally, when one parent has sole physical custody, the other parent has regular parental leave (visitation). A custody case is a legal proceeding that determines the rights and obligations of parents towards their children.

Sometimes a person other than a parent (for example. B a grandparent or legal guardian) may file a custody case. This article talks only about the most common type of custody case: between the child`s parents. Visitation, called parental leave in Michigan, is a court period that every parent can enjoy with their children. Possible enforcement measures are the “make-up” of parental leave; a hearing for contempt of civil law; amend existing provisions on childcare and/or childcare time; or alternative dispute resolution services available in the county. The parties can also negotiate a custody agreement, and the judge will accept it if he/she finds that it is in the best interests of the children. The Michigan Child Custody Act believes it is in a child`s best interest to have a strong relationship with both parents.