Co Op Aztec Agreement

Your lender will send the Aztech recognition agreement, so it`s only for informational purposes, but you can find an example of it. Please note that this does not necessarily look like what yours will look like. The Aztecs will arrive signed by the bank. You sign and submit it with your co-op application and, finally, a member of the board of directors will sign and execute the agreement in full. The agreement describes the legal procedure when the shareholder suspends their monthly alimony and/or mortgage payments. An Aztech is usually needed when you buy and finance co-op housing. The bank/lender usually requires the agreement to be signed when the shareholder needs financing. The agreement allowing banks/lenders to pay maintenance costs if the shareholder does not do so is an advantage for the cooperative. If the buyer is in arrears in his payments, there is no modification of the lease without the bank having previously informed him. .