King Henry Vii Signs Agreement

Although he won his crown on the battlefield, Henry was a king of spirit and planning, instead of brawn. His whole life was an education in politics and understanding the differences behind what people were saying and what they thought. After beginning a new dynasty and aware of its weak foundations, Henry`s objectives were to form profitable alliances with the other royal houses in Europe, to arrange Prince Arthur`s wedding to Catherine of Aragon, and to secure an alliance in the North when he married his daughter Margaret Tudor with Jacob IV of Scotland. During his lifetime, the nobility often mocked him for the refocusing of power in London, and later, in the 16th century, historian Francis Bacon ruthlessly criticized the methods by which he imposed tax legislation, but it is equally true that Henry Tudor was infernally anxious to keep detailed accounts of his personal finances until the last half. [57] This and a book detailing the editions of her queen survive in the British National Archives, as well as reports from H-flingen and many of his own letters from the king. Until his wife`s death, it appears from these beech trees that Henry Tudor was a more doping father and husband than anyone had known, and there is evidence that his outwardly severe personality refuted a devotion to his family. The letters to the family have an affectionate tone that has not been taken care of by the official affairs of the state, as many have issued to his mother Margaret. Several of the entries show a man generously unscreting his wallet cords for his wife and children, and not just on needs: in the spring of 1491, he spent a large quantity of gold on a lute for his daughter Maria. The following year he gave money to a lion for Elizabeth`s menagerie. With Elizabeth`s death, the opportunities for these families have been greatly weakened. [58] Immediately afterwards, Henry became very ill and almost died himself, so that only Margaret Beaufort, his mother, approached him: “I went to a lonely place, and no one should use it.” [59] Worse still, Henry`s eldest daughter Margaret had been engaged to the King of Scotland, Jacob IV, and in the months following her mother`s death she had to be escorted to the border by her father: he would never see her again. [61] Margaret Tudor wrote letters to her father to tell him that she was homesick, but Henry could do nothing but lament the loss of his family and honour the terms of the peace treaty he had approved with the King of Scotland.

[62] For most of his life, Henry was under the financial and physical protection of the throne of France or his vassals before becoming king. But to strengthen his position, he subsidized shipbuilding, so that he strengthened the navy (in 1495 the first in Europe – and the oldest – dry dock in the world at Portsmouth) and improved commercial opportunities. [Citation required] In 1483, Henry`s mother actively promoted him as an alternative to Richard III, although she was married to Lord Stanley, a yorkist. In the cathedral of Rennes, on the 14th day of Christmas 1483, Henry promised to marry Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter of Edward IV. She had been Edward`s heir since the presumed death of his brothers, the prince in the tower, King Edward V. and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York. [12] With money and provisions lent by his host, Francis II of Brittany, Heinrich attempted to land in England, but his conspiracy dissolved, resulting in the execution of his principal conspirator, Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham. [13] Now, supported by the Prime Minister of Francis II, Pierre Landais, Richard III tried to extradite Henry from Brittany, but Henry fled to France. [14] He was welcomed by the French, who gladly supplied him with troops and equipment for a second invasion. [Citation required] When Henry became king in 1485, he was unable to pursue an aggressive foreign policy.