Telework Agreement Form (Di-3457)

(9) Telework agreements need to be updated if circumstances change (for example. B if the telework schedule changes). The supervisor and teleworker should work together to regularly evaluate the telework agreement, make changes to the agreement if necessary and re-sign the document. 2. An official telework station is the telework station (i.e. place of work at home, telework or other alternative workplace) if the worker must not declare at least twice a salary period to the official service. Objective: This form should only be completed by staff members who must travel. If you have any questions about this chapter, please contact the staff department. For any questions about the website, please contact Krista Bibb in the policy, performance and management programs division. (8) Inform workers if they are eligible for telework when they embark on a job.

D. Easily quantifiable tasks, primarily project-based, with clearly defined performance criteria and no need for proprietary data. 4.9 What are the most appropriate work characteristics for telecommuting? The most appropriate activities for telework are viable and can be carried out effectively on the alternative site, including activities that have some of the following characteristics: (4) coordination with all other officials who must approve or reject the telework scheme. Instructions: The agreement must be signed and dated by both the participating staff member and his or her supervisor. Line managers and workers should keep a copy of the “approved” agreement for their registrations. a. Basic work is an approved work plan in which an employee works regularly or regularly one or more days a week on another site. As soon as the basic telework agreement has been approved by the supervisor, the matching administrator receives an email generated by the system, containing the details of the telework agreement and a link to approve or reject the telework agreement. When the congruent administrative officer approves the telework agreement, the administrator, the line manager and the matching staff receive an e-mail generated by the system, containing the details of the approved telework agreement.

All parties must keep a copy of the approved email for their registrations. 8. Telework should not affect the tasks and functions of organizations, and supervisory authorities may terminate or revise telework agreements at any time. NOTE: These forms are not required remotely. (4) Follow the information technology security policy and terms of use, including the use of devices, software, email and connectivity in the government`s network of services. Telework allows employees to perform their tasks on alternative sites during an agreed part of their work week. Alternative yards can be an employee`s home, a telework center (often called Telecenter) or another USGS facility or a “virtual office.” Objective: This form is necessary to define your order of work with your supervisor. 4.12 What does the service offer the teleworker? Employees who receive a renewal notice should speak with their supervisor and confirm that the details of the telework agreement are current.

When employees request a central telework agreement (i.e. telework on a periodic and planned basis), they must certify with their supervisor that the co-worker has not changed.