Ul Agreement

For the purposes of this agreement, a component is a component of any device that is a component of an electrical product or other electrical component. You can also access our visitor agreements that you must respect when you visit one of our global establishments or offices. These agreements are designed to protect the privacy of all our customers and protect our customers. On this page, you will find the terms and conditions for the provision of services by companies linked to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (the “UL parties”) under the Global Services Agreement (“GSA”). Each service agreement has three elements: on April 1, 2020, underwriters Laboratories ANSI/UL 4600, the safety standard for the evaluation of autonomous products, which includes autonomous vehicles. SAE International is a recognized leader in the development of standards for the automotive and other mobility sectors. The agreement outlines how the two organizations will work together to promote standards development. GSA and service conditions are added by reference to each offer made available to customers. The offer, the GSA and the applicable terms of use together form the whole agreement on the provision of services requested by the contracting party UL concerned. Check out our service follow-up agreement to understand the agreement that governs our work with customers.

We offer competent services and customized solutions that will help you market your product while ensuring compliance and safety. Jack Pokrzywa, Global Ground Vehicle Standards Director of SAE International, adds: “Automated automotive technology inspires many activities around the world, including standardization. The practices developed by committees in different regions need to be harmonized to avoid confusion and duplication. SAE International and Underwriters Laboratories recently agreed to collaborate and apply the aspects of UL 4600 to the standards developed by the SAE On-Road Driving Committee. THEY UNDER THIS GSA AND WARRANT THAT THEY HAVE NO ALTERATIONS TO ITS TEXT, UNLESS SET FORTH SEPARATELY IN ADDENDUM, WHICH HAVE EXECUTED US.