We Assume Your Agreement

We`ve consolidated our most frequently requested client email scripts in one place and made them available for free. (Normally, $9 is calculated) Just enter your email address below and we`ll send it to you immediately! I will often get some sort of response from them at this point, but if I don`t hear from them, I guess now the project won`t happen. You agree to keep us and the Legal Aid Agency informed of any changes in your financial situation once you have received legal aid. Please note that, although your own costs are covered by legal aid, you may be ordered to pay the other party`s legal fees in case of loss of your case. If you are financially entitled to legal aid and we believe that the request is justified, we will apply for legal aid on your behalf. Please note that we do not automatically request legal aid. If you need legal aid to eliminate the risk of costs being posted against you, please send a written notification about the practice. I`m just with a link to this guide to growing a successful small business that we talked about over the phone. You can find it here. Based on what you told me this year about your marketing strategies, I think you`ll find Section 3 particularly useful.

We will not take legal action without first obtaining your express permission, but once legal proceedings have been initiated, it is important that you understand that we are entitled to take steps that are normally taken in proceedings of this nature. In addition to our duty to you, we have obligations to the court as court officials.